Sloggi Oxygene

We introduce to you the Sloggi OXYGENE Bra.  This bra has come straight from the future, in terms of design and weight..If you're looking for comfort this bra will not disappoint.

Unlike the old traditional bras, the Oxygene is infinitely light & airy, while offering out-of-this world comfort.  So light in fact, the weight of this sleek and hyper-modern comfortable bra, floats it a weight class entirely of its own. 

The best bit is all thanks to an ultra-breathable and clever revolutionary one piece design, this bra is made entirely of 3D knitted spacer fabric.  This is brilliant, as it takes away unnecessary seams, adding to your overall comfort.  That's not it, this bra stretches in all directions, giving the wearer freedom as well to move around easily, without pinching or restricting.  

Did I mention how comfortable it is?  Though it's incredibly light, it's still positively supportive, due to refined layering with an innovative fishnet lamination technique.

The moulded cups will enhance your silhouette.  No wires needed.

Invisible. Fused into one glorious piece with ultrasonic seams so thin they barely exist.

Adjustable and fun to open and close thanks to a radically new click closure at the back

Oxygene Infinite Bra
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