SLOGGI Basic for Men

Sloggi's best seller.

Super soft stretch cotton, with FREEFIT X-MOVE for more elasticity.

Classic cuts, which will accompany you for a long time.

Comfortable flat seams.

Excellent, durable quality, guaranteed to keep its fit even after many washings.

Mens Basic Maxi (Twin Pack) Mens Basic Maxi (Twin Pack) 10020410 (SRP £26.00) £22.00 Add to Basket
Mens Basic Midi (Twin Pack) Mens Basic Midi (Twin Pack) 10020412 (SRP £26.00) £22.00 Add to Basket
Mens Basic Mini (Twin Pack) Mens Basic Mini (Twin Pack) 10020414 (SRP £26.00) £22.00 Add to Basket
Mens Basic Short (Twin Pack) Mens Basic Short (Twin Pack) 10020415 (SRP £26.00) £23.00 Add to Basket
Mens Basic Longs (Twin Pack) Mens Basic Longs (Twin Pack) 10018381 (SRP £42.00) £36.00 Add to Basket
Men Basic Soft Midi Men Basic Soft Midi . (SRP £18.00) £10.00 Add to Basket Write a Review