GO Shirt - Spagetti straps (2 pack)

GO Shirt - Spagetti straps (2 pack)
95% ECO organic Cotton - 5% Elastane


2 pack of Sloggi Shirts

Spaghetti strap, with lace trim.

Conscious comfort.

Elastic circular knit fabric with super soft hand feel from ECO cotton.Modern feminine cotton look with geometric lace detailed trim.

Organic Cotton Farming uses untreated seeds (GMO seeds not allowed).

Builds soil organic matter through crop rotation, intercropping and compost.

Retains water more efficiently due to organic matter in soil.

Controls seeds through cultivation and physical removal.

Maintains balance between pests and their natural predators through healthy soil.

Uses beneficial insects, biological and cultural practices to control pests.

May use trap crops to lure insects away.

Defoliates through natural seasonal freezing.

May stimulate defoliation through water management.


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