Maison at Justsloggi would be better

Betty and Black Jack, both 4 year old mares, were part of a large herd of 60+ Shetlands in Leicestershire.  The herd had became too big to manage and the owner and a group of friends went through the painstaking process of finding good homes for each of the ponies, ensuring they avoided the knackers yard.

Homes were found for these ponies all over the country, from Essex to Cornwall - Betty and Black Jack came to reside with us in Castle Donington.

As the field wasn't ready, they took their first ever horse box ride, on a cold and wet February day, to stay temporarily in Ali's back garden, adjacent to the Justsloggi warehouses. (Ali's husband Peter was thrilled...)  (

Though not badly treated - they had led anonymous life's and were unsure of people, however, they soon settled in with the family and got to work on the garden, trimming down the bushes and shrubs.  Someone commented, that due to all the manure the roses should be good this year!....well perhaps, if the rose bushes don't get completely eaten.
After a few weeks, the penny dropped, regarding Betty's seemingly rather round and ever growing tummy - and early one morning on 4th May, we looked out in the garden and this is what we found! (

Beautiful little colt, born we guess around 5 am - we named him Maison.  Taken from the french word, as he was born at home, in May and also chosen by the children as this was the name Kim Kadashian called her son.

As Maison was born they very day the ponies were due to move into field, this was postpone for a couple of weeks (Peter continued to be thrilled..)  And in April, all three finally moved to their new abode, across the road. (